About us

We are proud to introduce Hilltop Meats to you and thank you for taking the time to gain an insight into our business. Hilltop Meats is located in the township of Young, which is situated in the Murray-Darling Basin of New South Wales. The Hilltops region, comprising the towns of Young, Harden and Boorowa, is gaining an excellent reputation for its diverse produce, including wines, cherries, beef and lamb. Young is located approximately 4 hours by road from Sydney’s air and sea ports. Young is fortunate to be surrounded by prime cattle growing areas. As a result Hilltop Meats is well positioned to ensure reliability of beef supply to meet our customers’ demands but further allows reliable delivery of our processed products to Sydney, Australia’s main gateway to the rest of the world.

In 2020, the Throsby group, who have generational ties with the meat processing industry, purchased the local meat processing plant known as Hilltop Meats. At Hilltop Meats, we are proud to promote our processing facility as a modern and efficient production environment. Since the purchase of the facility in 2020, Hilltop Meats has undergone significant upgrades to become a modern world class processing facility. Staff training at Hilltop Meats is vital in ensuring that our product range consistently meets the expectations of our customers. Product integrity and food safety is the main priority in all delivered Staff Training. Hilltop Meats takes great pride in tailoring solutions for our valued clientele.

Being an Australian owned family business, we recognise the key to our success is our dedication to our customers. Our facility design encompasses all aspects of best manufacturing practice, including environmental best practice. Our company has contributed significant resources to ensure our production is environmentally responsible. Hilltop Meats derives many of its livestock from the Hilltops region, which is well known for its quality British bred cattle and quality lamb. The dynamics of our organisation have ensured we process in a modern, state of the art production environment, which complies with the stringent USDA processing standards.

All stock processed are slaughtered in accordance with Halal requirements by AusMeat accredited Halal slaughter-men and endorsed by relevant Islamic Certifying Organisations for Australia. Production is supervised on site in accordance with strict regulatory criteria as set down by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR). Hilltop Meats can offer the most discerning clientele a wide range of Halal beef primal cuts. We export to a diverse customer base located throughout the globe. Our clients are located in the Middle East, South-East Asia, Korea, Japan, Canada, USA and Africa.

Hilltop Meats provide a full selection of chilled and frozen bone in and boneless products, as well as assorted offal meat. Hilltop Meats is an Australian family-owned business. Each aspect of the transformation process, from livestock procurement and reception through to delivery of our quality finished goods, is overseen by the family and their dedicated employees.

We take great pride in our Hilltop Meats range of quality beef products and are committed to ensuring that you enjoy them as much as we do.