Doing our part to helpĀ preserve and protect the environment

As you would expect, Hilltop Meats takes the matter of looking after our environment very seriously. This means the company is firmly committed to minimising our environmental footprint. To ensure this, we have taken several clear steps:

  • undertaken a major study in innovative best practice technology during the recent capital redevelopment of the Hilltop Meats processing site,
  • invested substantially in smart innovation and its implementation
  • adopted our own stringent environmental management system to ensure we comply strictly with legislated environmental standards
  • ensured our plant design and processing technologies are both efficient and ecologically sustainable

Environmentally and ecologically responsible governance is at the core of all our day-to-day processing operations. To this end, the focus of Hilltop Meats is on:

  • minimising greenhouse gas emissions
  • effective and conscientious recycling of waste materials
  • increasing the efficiency of energy use
  • adoption of the latest environmentally friendly technologies

It is our mission to be a valuable member of our local community. Our environmental management system is designed to enhance and protect our industry and our environment.


Animal Welfare

Hilltop Meats is committed to being an industry leader in the adoption of stringent animal welfare management.

Best animal welfare practice is collectively demanded from industry, our regulators, our customers and our consumers, both locally and internationally.

Hilltop Meats has dedicated company officers trained specifically in Animal Welfare Officer responsibilities.

Hilltop Meats is proud to adopt the Australian Livestock Processing Animal Welfare Certification System (AAWCS). This is an independently audited certification program used to demonstrate compliance with the industry’s best practice animal welfare standards.

Certification under this program enables Hilltop Meats to demonstrate to all stakeholders our superior commitment to best practice animal welfare standards through the implementation of the AAWCS and our Approved Arrangement, all of which are subject to third party audits.

The AAWCS is an initiative of the Australian Meat Industry Council with support from the Australian Meat Processor Corporation and Meat & Livestock Australia, and is administered through AUSMEAT.