Our Farms

It stands to reason that, if you’re going to offer the best meats, you need to choose the best suppliers…which is exactly what we’ve done! In addition to basing our choices on obvious criteria like meat quality, reliability of supply, certifications and value for money, we look closely at supplier methods and technologies. These include animal breeding, meat processing, ability to supply the required cuts and quantities, packaging quality, delivery promptness and overall responsiveness to our needs and those of our worldwide customers. Meat buyers who select us as their suppliers do so because of our proven track record for quality and reliability. This means we have a stringent supplier selection process — selecting only those who share our aim to offer our customers nothing but the best. Australia is one of the world’s great meat producing countries so we are able to choose from the best of the best, selecting only those organisations we are proud to partner with. They become part of our extended family and, in keeping their promises to us, enable us to keep our promises to our customers.